About Us

Welcome to Our Harth

We are two best friends that have known each other for decades learning and growing through this crazy magical life of ours.  We would like to invite you to come to sit with us and have a cup of tea the harth while we share our stories, our tribulations, and oir best advice we have to give.

Hello and welcome to my Harth,

My name is Lydia, I am in my mid-thirties and a mother of two currently residing up in the Appalachian Mountains of Georgia. We re-located to this area from Minnesota at the end of 2020, after being offered the opportunity to move closer to extended family and opening doors to new adventures. It has led us to a new and beautiful way of living, a slower pace without the rush society has put onto us, getting back into touch with our roots by finding more sustainable ways to live and reconnecting with nature.

In 2018, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Hashimotos. It has been a rollercoaster ride since the diagnosis and has inspired me to find ways to naturally heal my body and put my Hashimotos into remission through nature, herbalism and whole foods. Along with emotionally mending those unseen wounds and traumas that are deep in the soul.

I would love to invite you to follow along beside me as I stumble and learn through this new way of living.


Lydia - CoOwner & Writer


Brandy - CoOwner & Writer

Hi! My name is Brandy and welcome to my humble little island cottage! I am a recent transplant from the Caribbean and I now live on the Big Island of Hawaii and have been farming flowers, vegetables, and teas. Married with no kids but likes to mother all the furbabies. I've always lived a life steeped in magic and wonder and herbalism was something that always came naturally to me. I love to create new things and using my knowledge and intuition to make elixirs and salves have been one of the joys of my life. Diagnosed with ADHD, living a fulfilling and simple life is something that I hope to continue. 


Seeing Nature so interconnected and observing how we fit into the natural rhythms of life has been an experience I want to share.

After surviving two back-to-back hurricanes in the Caribbean really gave me a sense of what it is like to live without and how to make do with what you have. I hope to share knowledge to allow a deeper connection with nature as well as a sense of self sufficiency to thrive in our everchanging world.

Image by Flash Alexander