Cool Fall Days

The last bit of summer have finally left my neck of the woods. Nights are cold, days have a chill to them that the sun just can't quite chase away. Sweaters and pants are dusted off and now a part of our attire, and my fall garden while planted on the late schedule is beginning to fill out and show promise! The down side to these temps that dropped a lot more quickly than anticipated is slower growth and the chance of damaging frost. We might have our first frost warning for this coming weekend, which will mean an end to my garden that has a few more weeks needed to mature. I was speaking with a local garden about my summer blunder and failings and how I had probably waited to long to begin my fall growing season and would now lose my plants to frost.

They then asked if I was going to do a hoop green house. I honestly did one of those palm to forehead moves, why hadn't I thought of this before? I had seen people post about them, the diy's on pinterest and so on, why hadn't I thought to do this for my own garden? I'll blame this on my lovely brain fog and another lesson learned that will hopefully be retained for me to continue to use and have success with.

So this weekend was spent slapping together a quick hoop green house for my garden bed. Honestly the way I wing my projects and last minute decisions aren't the best. They have lead to a lot of projects that would have gone a lot more smoothly if I had just taken those extra steps to thoroughly plan them out.

At least this one didn't require a lot of forethought, just PVC piping, those plastic rings that hold the piping in place, some screws and the plastic and clamps. Here is the down side though, the green house plastic I needed wasn't in the store, nor could I find it in any nearby local stores so it's an item that will need to be ordered online and shipped to my home. In the meantime while I wait for that to arrive in the mail, the painters plastic that I purchased will work for that short time period.

I also used clamps to keep my plastic in place since it will be removed in a few days. And with Georgia's swinging temps I might just continue to use the clamp method so that I can remove the plastic on the warmer days. I'll eventually get around to making one of those frames that can be lifted up on hinges. They look so nice and neat and are very functional.

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