Red Clover Tincture

By Lydia

A wonderful asset to any home remedy wellness cabinet is Red Clover. This plant is pact full of so many ways to help support our body’s. From skin issues such as acne or psoriasis, to being supportive for woman who struggle with hormones, PMS and heavy flows during their cycle, upper respiratory support, vascular support, and its blood thinning properties and immune and anti-inflammatory support.

One of the more popular ways to add Red Clove to your day is by drinking it in tea form. In today’s society we often don’t have the opportunity to drink large amounts of tea throughout the day, and we need to find ways to get this benefit through a more functional and quick method. Though I will say that tea is my favorite form.

Red Clover tincture is easy to make and has a long shelf life.

I made this tincture using Red Clover flowers from Mountain Rose Herbs, . I love the quality of their products, they are fresh, still holding onto their color and the smell of the herbs when the package was opened filled the room. It’s ensuring to know that I can work with such beautiful plants and know that my body will benefit from the

Items needed

· Glass jar

· Sealable airtight lid for the jar

· Natural unbleached parchment paper

· 80 proof vodka (a higher proof and different grain will work at well)

· Dried Red Clover flower

· Label

Sterilize the glass jar and lid. Once clean and dry, fill the jar ½ to ¾ of the way with the Red Clover. Next, add your alcohol of choice filling the jar to the top and ensuring the Red Clover is completely submerged. Next, cover the top with the parchment paper. Doing this helps to protect the product from leaching any toxins from the lid. Screw the lid on nice and tight, label the jar with what is in it, the type of alcohol and date it, then and give the jar a shake, turning it over and rolling it in your hands. While doing this, think of the good intensions behind making this tincture.

Set the jar in a dark cool place, taking it out once a day to give it a good shake and to check on its progress. You may need to add more alcohol the next day or two as the dry plant absorbs the liquid. The tincture will be finished in 6 to 8 weeks.

I love the color of this tincture. The bright amber with that hue of red is just gorgeous!

Items needed when the tincture is finished

· Strainer

· Glass jar

· Amber glass bottles with droppers

· Funnel

· Label

Sterilize and dry your items, next strain your tincture into the glass jar removing all of the solid bits. Once strained you can go ahead and using the funnel, fill the amber bottles up with your tincture. Once the bottles have been filled and sealed, label the bottle with what is inside and the date. The tincture should remain shelf stable for up to a year.

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